Transcript of the New look for Google Docs Video

| Transcript | General | List | Filters | Sort | Settings | Buttons and features | More | Preview | Create | Further info | Short URL On October 21, 2011, GoogleApps uploaded the New look for Google Docs video on YouTube. This video explains several unclear points in the new look of the documents lists but:
  1. It is not captioned
  2. Though an effort has been made to describe the location of the various elements shown and explained, some cannot be understood if you can't see the screen.
So I captioned it in, adding needed descriptive elements between square brackets, in order to get the transcript copied below (I'll remove the descriptive elements from the captions later on, as they rather clog them for people who are non blind).
I am only giving the described transcript here, instead of attempting a version integrating audio descriptions, because the voice of the narrator is nice, but it does not add anything to the understanding that a screen reader's voicing of the transcript would not give.



[Google Apps]
[New look for Google Docs]
Google Docs has a brand new look.
Documents, spreadsheets and all the other Docs applications have a new modern look or will soon be updated to match the new style.
For most Google products, these changes are simply a refresh: to colors, icons and buttons.


But in a few cases like the documents list, we've moved some features around that affect where you navigate, search and sort through your documents.


[focus on search box - on triangle for dropdown list]
To start, we've moved al the search filter options into one drop-down in the search field.
This makes it easier to apply the filters you need and to find and display the documents you're using.
Just as before, you can narrow your search by
  • document type, [cursor points to the various options]
  • the visibility of files (meaning who can access the files), and by
  • who owns the item,
now from one place.


We've also moved the Sort button
[focus on the button, right above the list].
[Sort dropdown opens, then cursor points to named items]
From here, you can
  • view the last documents you've edited,
  • sort documents in alphabetical order by title, and even
  • see which files take up the most amount of storage.


Next to the sort button is the new location of the Settings button.
[focus on Settings, dropdown opens; cursor points to named items]
Here, you can control
  • how many items are displayed in your document list,
  • open the general settings, find help as well as
  • return back to the classical look you've used in the past.

Buttons and features

Another change to the documents list is how and when we display some buttons and features.
[1st document in the list highlighted]
For example, when you select an item in the documents list, action buttons for sharing, organizing, deleting and previewing files appear above the list of documents.


[cursor on More button, right of already named ones]
The More button gives you access to additional options
[cursor moves to documents list]
and if you right-click with your mouse on the documents list, you'll see the same options as well.


Another change we've made is how you preview items in the documents list.
[cursor on Preview button]
By default the Preview isn't shown, to allow for quick scrolling and browsing through your items
[scrolling shown]
But if you click the Preview button, you can see a visual preview of the document
[Preview shown].
You can also see who has access to it, and you can edit the description of the document.
Just note that you can only preview one document at a time.


Finally, the look of the "Create" button has changed, as well as the upload button.
[cursor on create and upload, on the left above the list]
When you click the Create button, you'll notice you get the same options as before, with updated icons for each item of doc.
[dropodown list under Create button shown]
And if you're looking to browse the template gallery,
[cursor on From Template in the dropdown list]
click Create > From Template
to open the classic template options where you can search and browse from templates.

Further info

We hope you like the new look of Google docs.
[cursor on Settings - right above doc lists - then on Help in dropdown list]
For more information on the new look, check out the Google Docs Help Center here. [in the Tools dropdown].

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