What are Amara teams?

On Amara, teams are sub-spaces where several people can work together on several videos about a given theme, or towards a given goal. For more details, see Team Structure.

Where can I find existing teams?

Existing teams are listed in http://www.universalsubtitles.org/en/teams/ where they can be sorted according to various criteria.

How can I join a team?

It depends on the choice of the team's owner/administrators. Open the team and click on the button for joining or applying to join or with other joining indications in the left column, then follow the instructions.

How can I create a team?

Technically, it's very simple: you just write to the email address indicated in the right column of http://www.universalsubtitles.org/en/teams/ and ask for three creation of your team.
In practice, though, it's a good idea to first join another team and actively collaborate with its other members to get familiar with the structure and tools of teams.

How do I organize my team?

A team's owner and admins can use its settings to organize a they wish. An experien a active member of soothe team (or of some other teams) is a great help in choosing three best settings. See also the indications in Team Structure.


This page is not an official Amara document: only some observations made so far by me as an Amara team user.
Claude Almansi

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